How to Choose a Hairstyle For Your Wedding Day

When you know your big day is near and no matter what you have to look extraordinary to impress your guests as well as your other half, then you will have to keep in mind each and every single point and hair do is among those major things. Hair is one thing which makes your face beautifully prominent. While looking for different styles you will have to keep in mind the dress, your face shape and the length of your hair as well. Beautiful hairstyles will definitely compliment your beauty and make your wedding day the most amazing day of your life.


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    Before you decide what kind of hairstyle you require on your big day, choose an excellent hair stylist. One month earlier than your wedding start visiting hair stylist whose work is admired by you. Take suggestions from them and check what sort of ideas do they give keeping in mind your hair length and the shape of your face.

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    If you are not able to afford the costly hairstylists, or you want to decide your hair styles on your own then the first thing which you should look upon to, is your wedding dress. What is the design of your wedding dress what sort of cuts does it have, does your dress have a flowing veil or is it a short dress, is it a strapless ball gown or does it have straps.

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    If your dress is strapless then it would be perfect to let your hair open and let them fall on your shoulders with thick smooth waves, like Jennifer Aniston had it on her wedding with Brad Pitt.

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    If the dress contains cap, lace, long, short sleeves or straps then you should not let you hair fall down in a flow. Give them a half tie style just like the new duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had her done on her wedding.

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    It is an ideal thought to have an if the wedding dress contains straps or sleeves, but if you are well assure and confident that you can easily carry a bun with a strapless or a sleeveless dress than go for it.

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    The third important thing while deciding your hairstyle is to keep in mind the structure or the shape of your face. The hairstyle has a quality to enhance your face cuts and if it is not properly done it may also ruin your effort.

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    If you have an oval shape then do not have too much hair on your face in the form of bangs, you would not want to hide your pretty face with the huge volume of hair. You can open your hair and have sophisticated loose curls in them, but try keeping them away from your face.

    The perfect idea for oval shaped faces is to have a classic bun.

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    Ladies with round shape can play with the heavy volume of hair, they can have a moderate amount of bangs on their face and yet again the style of dress should be kept in mind. As shown in the picture, try having volume near the cheeks and avoid short hair, because long hair has the tendency to portray elongation to your face. If you wish to have curls try keeping them below the neckline because it will look very odd on long face. Prefer side parting instead of middle because it will make your face the focal point.

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    For square face try having swept bangs on your face, which will beautifully enhance your high cheekbones as shown in the picture. If you have long hair then you can have a half up do hair with wavy ends. On square shaped face you can have long bangs and a loose pony


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    There are different styles of buns, which will make your look extravagant, but it is you who have to decide which sort of bun will suit you and your wedding dress. Whether it’s a low bun, a high or a loose bun it goes with all sort of face shapes but you should make them look beautiful with bangs.

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    You can also use hair accessories or extensions to make your hair look long or to add in volume.

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