How to Keep Your Child Hair Tangle Free

Having trouble detangling your child’s hair? Does your child always end up crying whenever you are trying to detangle his/her hair? Kids don’t like it when their hair are being pulled, or whenever you try to brush them hard.

There are ways in which your child can always come through this turmoil without any tears, and without any screams. You just have to know what you need to do in order to get rid of this problem, and how you can totally untangle your child’s hair without making them suffer. You just need to keep in check a few things, and your problem will be solved forever.


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    For starters, whenever you ask your child to take a shower, ask them to use a shampoo. It is not advised by many doctors that you shampoo your hair everyday; therefore, don’t ask your child to wash their hair whenever they take a bath. However, a shampoo always makes the child’s hair silkier and it is always easy for you to detangle them whenever they are soft, smooth and silky. Moreover, make sure that whenever they are shampooing their hair, the shampoo has been diluted with a bit of water.

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    Whenever your child is shampooing his/her hair, ask them to use their fingers to detangle their hair. Moreover, make them use their finger tips to rub the shampoo onto their scalp. Then wash the shampoo properly, and make sure that no residue is left.

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    Later, ask them to use a conditioner on their hair. The conditioner is to be applied safely, and you have to make sure that your child’s scalp is safe from the conditioner. Always ask them to put conditioner only on the hair, and not on the scalp. It can damage the scalp and also cause a lot of hair fall later on in life. However, the conditioner is extremely good for detangling hair as it makes the hair silky, smooth and soft.

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    When you are drying your child’s hair, make sure you do not vigorously rub their hair while using a towel. Rubbing a towel on the hair will only make matters worse and there will be more tangling for you to sort out. Therefore, make sure that you softly dry their hair when using a towel.

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    Comb the hair softly, and try to hold them with your hands right as close to the scalp as possible. That way your child will not get hurt, and since the hair will already be smooth, you will easy use the comb to detangle them.

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