How to Separate the Ponytail Palm

The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata) is a species of plant in the family of Asparagaceae. It is not a genuine palm, but rather an evergreen perennial that grows around 6 feet to 7 feet. It grows steadily, giving the gardener no worries in the first couple of years. However, after that, the caudex expands too much that forces the gardener to switch the evergreen plant from a bigger container or pot or even in the plain ground.

Separating the Ponytail Palm from one container to another is not a very difficult task, and one can easily do the job perfectly.

Things Required:

– Cactus Mix Potting Soil
– Container or Pot
– Knife


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    Once your ponytail palm is ready, water it heavily a day before you have planned to re-pot it. Choose a container that is larger in size than the one your ponytail palm is already placed. If the pot or container you have chosen was used before, it is recommended that one sterilize it before placing the new plant in it. Make sure that you have small containers ready for bulblets, which grows beneath the soil after some time.

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    Now moisten the potting soil lightly. It is recommended that one uses a pre-mixed cactus soil when separating ponytail palm. Now very cautiously, remove the ponytail palm from its previous pot. Remove all the dirt from its roots. If there are bulblets at the bottom or around the main bulb, it is recommended that one removes them as well with the help of a sharp knife in pre-prepared containers.

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    Potting the Plant:

    Once you are done with removing the evergreen plant from the previous pot, it is advised that one trims its root tips a little bit to increase vigour of the bulblets. In addition, it also protects the parent plant. Fill the new container one-third you have selected already with soil, while use small containers for the offsets you have removed during trimming of the roots.

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    Now Anchor the large ponytail bulb in the new container, and fill it around with soil. Make sure that you fill the soil at the same level as the plant was having in its previous pot. Leave the top third of the bulb visible. Now make a well between the soil and the rim of the pot in all of the small containers. Allocate the ponytail palms to their permanent location, where they were placed before changing the containers. The evergreen plant prefers growing in bright light, but not direct sunlight. Water thoroughly, and set your plant aside.

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