How to Stop Hair from Frizzing

It is almost impossible to stop frizzy hair, and shaving your head is a temporary and impractical solution, since it will only last until your new hair grows and then you are left with the same problem. You can straighten your hair but this is also not a permanent solution to your problem. If you seriously want to prevent frizzy hair then you need to take proper care of your hair and style them every single day.


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    The first step is to wash your hair with a shampoo and warm water. Work the shampoo into your hair and then thoroughly rinse it with warm water.

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    After a thorough wash, it is time for you to squeeze the remaining water from your hair. Now you need to apply a decent amount of oil-based, moisturizing anti-frizz conditioner in the hair. In this process, you have to take extra care towards the tips of your hair and use extra conditioner on them.

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    Now leave the conditioner to let it sit well in the hair.

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    After waiting for two to three minutes you now need to rinse the hair with warm water. Now just when you are about done, turn the cold water on and rinse for about thirty seconds.

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    Now grab a thick towel and pat your hair dry. Remember you should never rub your hair roughly with a towel when drying as this weakens the hair and causes breakage. Use the towel such that you soak up maximum moisture.

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    In the next step you need to put a few drops of frizz serum on your fingers and then smooth the fingers on your scalp, penetrating the hair. Now use your fingers to shape the curls.

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    You need to use your fingers to style your hair and once you have achieved the desired hair style you can use a hair gel or a hair spray to keep the hair in place.

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