How to Get a Hot Weather Hairstyle

In summers when the temperature of the weather is quite hot, people prefer keeping their hair assembled in one place instead of keeping them open, because due to hot temperature women get irritated. To remain in the comfort zone they keep their hair tied up in one place. Whether its summer, winter or spring no one would want to leave their track they would want to keep themselves up to date and remain fashionable even if the climate is getting worse and unbearable. You just have to figure the right way out and keep in mind few hairstyles, which will keep you stylish and your style will become an envy of every person in your surroundings.


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    If you have long hair and it is really hard for you to handle them in hot weather then the best option is to make a high pony tail. This hairstyle will not take much of your time and it goes with all sorts of occasions, whether you have to go to school, college, office or at a formal or semi-formal gathering.

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    To give an extraordinary look to your high pony you can assemble your side or front bangs and make a puff with the help of back combing, it will definitely give a cheek look to your hairstyle. You can use bobby pins to hold the back combed hair firmly. Do not forget to use hair spray while back combing it will help your hair to stay in one place for a longer time.

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    The other traditional and easy way to have a summery stylish hairstyle is to make a French braid or a simple effortless braid. It is up to you if you wish to make two braids or a single. A fish tail can also be made it instead of French or a simple braid. Use hair spray after completing your hairstyle.

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    Buns also come in summery hairstyle, you can make low buns or high buns depending upon your choice. This sort of hairstyle comes in formal as well as in casual looks.

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    Try having a sleek and stylish haircut depending upon your face shape, if your face is oval or a heart, then you can have a bob haircut with bangs till your cheeks

    If the shape of your face is round, square, rectangular or triangular then your layers should be below your chin with swept bangs.

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    Hair accessories can be used in summers, like hair bands, ponies, hair pins etc. If you wish to keep your hair away from your face you can wear a headband which looks good on short as well as long hair.

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