How to Style Your Hair Like a Chavette

Do you really want a new hair style like a Chavette? There is no harm as such kind of hairstyle look cute and fabulous to grab other’s attention in various social get-togethers and parties. You have many options when it comes to styling your hair like a Chavette as there are many forms of it. You can adopt the one that suits you.

Putting on a Chavette’s hairstyle is one among the simplest hairstyles where you can simply tie your long hair into a bun or a simple side ponytail. However, the updated versions of such hairstyle require some hard work and practice. The length of your hair matters a lot in some of the Chavette hairstyles. Anyhow, you will love the end product in the form of a cute Chavette hairstyle.


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    Wash your hair

    First of all wash your hair with a fine quality shampoo. It gives a clean, sleek and soft look to your hair.

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    Apply hair conditioner

    Once you wash hair, apply some hair conditioner , leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse with some cold water until no more soapy.

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    Wipe your hair dry

    Wipe your hair dry with a clean dry towel until not more wet.

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    Blow-dry your hair

    Comb your hair to remove all kind of tangles and to make the smooth for blow drying. Now carefully blow-dry your hair at medium heat range for few minutes or until dry completely.

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  • 5

    Straighten your hair – if required

    If you have long, wavy or curly hair, use a striaghtner with low heat range to straighten them. It will give you much better Chavette look. Check out the simple method to Make Wavy Hair Straight. On the other hand, if you have short hair or blessed with sleek hair, you can just skip this step and move to the next one.

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  • 6

    Make a pony tail

    Brush your hair to make them free from tangles. Now brush the hair above the left and right ear to the back of your head, preferably above the nape of your neck. Use the same method to brush the middle hair to back and tie them up with an elastic pony tail holder.

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  • 7

    Apply some hair spray

    Apply some hair spray to all sides of your pony tail to set the hair in one position. Now if you have a fringe, you have the option to slick it back on top of your head. Your Chavette hairstyle is all set to rock!

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