Summer Hair Care Tips for Men

Being a man doesn’t mean that your hair deserve any less attention. While men have the advantage of short hair in summers, they will still need to be managed properly, given the amount of sweat and grime they can accumulate in the heat. Furthermore, men who spend long hours out in the sun may need to be extra careful about their hair, since direct sunlight can damage them considerably.


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    In the summer season you need to be very particular about washing your hair. Shampoo them properly, but apply hair styling products sparingly because they are dust magnets.

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    After a swim in the pool, remember to wash your hair with shampoos which are specially designed to remove chlorine from the scalp.

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    If your hair has the tendency to become frizzy in the summers, you should look into a leave-in conditioner.

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    You need to deep condition almost daily to repair your hair. Apply a suitable conditioner after you have shampooed your hair and then leave it in for a while before rinsing.

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    Hair get dry in summers because of the heat, so in order to protect your hair against breakage or damage, you need to apply a moisturiser on your scalp after shampooing. Buy a quality product to ensure that it will actually moisturise your hair instead of just adding temporary shine.

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    Blow drying is the worst thing that you can do to you hair. Try your best to avoid it, especially in summers, and allow your hair to dry naturally.

  • 7

    If you are very outgoing, you need to choose hair products which contain UV filters to protect your hair against the sun.

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    Buy a suitable cap or hat to wear all summer long. This is the best way to keep your hair healthy and fresh. Remember, staying in the sun for too long can damage your hair beyond repair.

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