How to Wear Hairstyles from the 70s

The 70’s hairstyles are admired by most of the women because this effortless style looks really trendy and chic. This classy hairstyle not only gives volume to your hair, but it helps in giving a beautiful look to those hair types which are thin in texture. You just require few things and in few minutes you will acquire a 70’s hairstyle. The few things which should keep in mind are to use good quality hair products and the proper method of styling. You will not require any sort of assistance because the procedure to wear 70’s hairstyle is very simple. Things you need to wear a 70’s hairstyle are mentioned below:

Mousse or a Hair styling cream
Electric curler or a regular plastic rollers


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    The first thing is to make sure that your hair is properly shampooed. Make sure that 80% of your hair are dry and they still have little amount of moistness.  If your hairs are dry then you can take a moderate amount of mousse or hair styling cream and evenly apply it all over your head.

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    If you have an electric curler then you can use that or you can also use regular curlers which are very convenient and they do not damage your hair as well.

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    If you are using rollers then start from the fringes and roll a moderate amount of hair which a single roller can easily hold. Roll the hair over the roller till it reaches the scalp. Cover all the hair in the same manner.

  • 4

    Leave the rollers on your head for at least 45 minutes or more than that and one by one release the hairs from the rollers make sure you do not pull the hair out or else you might disturb the curls. Softly pass your fingers from the curls and tease your hair to give them a proper shape.

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    If you are using an electric curler then take an appropriate amount of hair and roll them over the curler rod keep them for 5 to 8 seconds and softly release them. Repeat the procedure for rest of the hair.

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    In the end gather all of your hair and move your head down wards as shown in the image. Pass your fingers from the hair. This method will give volume to your hair. This is how you can acquire a 70’s hairstyle in a less time.

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