List of Formal Party Hairstyles for Teens

There is a difference between hairstyles for tens and grownups you have to be very careful while selecting a formal hairstyle for a teenage girl because she might look older if a grown up hairdo has been done. Though there are several hair styles for teenage girls still they have to keep in mind the event, dress, length of hair and most of all the shape of your face. When we think of formal hairstyle for teenage then the events which come in our mind is a prom night, a wedding reception a formal family dinner or a young lady is going out on a date.


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    Before the formal event comes decide your hair style few days early so that you can avoid any sort of mishaps or disasters.

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    Check the length of your hair is it long, shoulder length or short. Hair length is a major factor it decides the boundaries in which you have to stay while deciding your hairstyle.

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    If you have short hair and the volume in not enough you can get a sleek hair cut with layers or bangs depending upon your face structure. On the event you can make the look extravagant by using a flat iron.

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    If your hair are of shoulder length then your boundaries extends. You can play with your hair in different ways. Try having a loop bun for the special occasion, it gives a classic look and you can easily make it at home.  If you have a square shape or round then have some amount of bangs on your face so that your cuts gets a chance to look prominently beautiful.

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    For teenage girls who have shoulder length hair they can have curls but make sure the shape of your face is oval because for round and square shaped faces, curls should fall below neckline.

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    You can also make an effortless braid or a braided hair bands. This sort of hairstyle is considered to be the simplest and it can suit anyone who has long hair.

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    For girls with long hair has no boundaries, they can try any sort of hairstyles and enjoy the beautiful look. With long hair you do not have to be very careful with the shape of face, but if the shape is oval try keeping the volume of hair away from the face. If the shape is round or square than try having bangs on your face.

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    There are several hair accessories and extensions available, you can use these extensions and add in volume or make a distinctive hairstyle.

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