How to Dread Hair with A Flat Iron

Dreadlocks are matted coils of hair. This hair style originated in Africa and is associated with Rastafari movement (1930). However, history reveals that people from many ethnic groups around the world have been wearing dredalocks even before the Rastafari movement. The downside to this hairstyle is that the only way to remove it is to cut your hair. However, you can create temporary dreadlocks at home using a flat iron. These are not only cost effective but are also temporary and you can remove them without a haircut.

Things Required:

– A flat iron
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– A rat-tail comb
– Elastic bands
– Gel or hair wax
– Blow dryer
– Hair beads and other hair accessories (optional)
– Glitter (optional)


  • 1

    Wash your hair with shampoo and moisturise with a conditioner.

  • 2

    Let the hair dry completely. You can use a hair dryer.

  • 3

    With a rat-tail comb, divide your hair into sections of 1 to 1 ½ inch diameter.

  • 4

    Secure the sections using elastic bands.

  • 5

    Liberally apply hair wax or gel to a section of hair. You can substitute gel with any water soluble binder of your choice.

  • 6

    While the binder is still wet, whirl the section over your finger to make a thick strand. Start this from the back of your head and then move forward to the front sections.

  • 7

    Following steps five and six, twist all the sections of your hair.

  • 8

    Set your temporary dreads in place using a blow dryer. You can also tie the ends loosely with bobby pins or elastic bands, this will also help lock your dreads in place.

  • 9

    To set the dreads for longer times, run flat iron along them. When ironing your dreads, give them a while before moving to the next step.

  • 10

    After you have set the dreads with the blow dryer and flat iron, lock them in place by tying the ends with an elastic band. You can also leave the dreadlocks as they are.

  • 11

    To keep the dreads in place for longer times, spray them generously with a hair spray.

  • 12

    Consider adding beads and glitter to your dreads for more trendy look. You can use other hair accessories of your choice as well.

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