How to Regrow Hair with Relaxer

Regrowing hair with a relaxer requires smart choices and commitment. With proper care and attention regrowth can be achieved in a matter of weeks. Adding a relaxer in the hair will not damage or weaken them in most cases. So if you have suffered hair loss due to some illness or accident, you can regain a hairy scalp by reading this article.


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    When you have suffered hair loss due to some damage, the best way to regrow your hair is to massage the scalp. Massaging improves the blood circulation which is crucial for hair. With poor circulation, the growth of hair is slow and the hair are usually weak.

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    For treating damaged hair, the scalp needs to be oiled daily with Shea butter. You have to part the hair into four sections first and then apply the oil from root to tip. Make sure that the hair are thoroughly soaked with oil. It is very important for the oil to reach the roots. However, you have to be gentle during this process to avoid any breakage.

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    Conditioners are very important for the health of the hair. It is recommended that you condition your hair weekly. You don’t have to wash your hair as you can just apply the conditioner and leave it in.

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    Applying a hot oil treatment biweekly is another option which needs to be taken under consideration by you.

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    Another procedure for treating damaged hair is to wrap a hot towel or a plastic cap and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

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    In order to reduce breakage and avoid drying, you need to start using a satin pillowcase when sleeping which will reduce friction between your scalp and pillow as opposed to sleeping on a normal pillow.

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    You can also wrap your hair in a satin cloth before going to bed; this will also reduce the friction and avoid breakage. During sleeping our hair experience a lot of breakage due to constant rubbing with the bed sheet and pillow. This is damaging for the regrowth of hair.

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    When working to regrow your hair, you need to cut down on the washing to just once or twice a week. After showering you need to run a wide tooth comb with soft hands in order to remove tangles.

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    Taking hair regrowth supplements is another option which needs to be considered by you. Also try and increase green vegetables in your diet. Vitamins A, D and E are very good for hair regrowth.

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