How to Use a Spin Pin for the Hair

The Spin Pin hair style is excellent for working women, as it requires no time at all and is easy to achieve. With less time on your hands, you can make this hairstyle look good on you. You just need two Spin Pins and the patience to do the whole process again in case your bun isn’t tightly secured. Since you cannot use a rubber band to hold the bun in place this will require some practice before you get the hang of it. However, if you follow some basic steps you will become a pro in no time.


  • 1

    Comb properly so there aren’t any twists in the hair. Though not necessary but washing would help in softening the hair, making it easier for the Spin Pins to go through. It is usually difficult to insert Spin Pins in dry hair, so it is better you use a moisturiser.

  • 2

    The first step is to take the hair in your hands, make chunk as you would do to make a ponytail.

  • 3

    Remember to collect the hair where you intend the bun to be. You can do this by collecting your hair on the side, on top of the head, behind one ear or in the middle.

  • 4

    Now, from the top of the bun you are to insert one Spin Pin into the hair. Now while pushing the pin down into the bun, you need to twist it in one direction.

  • 5

    By holding the pin close to your scalp, move slightly to the right of the bun. The pin should be inserted with the open end facing downward.

  • 6

    Now comes the interesting part, you have to insert another Spin Pin into your hair but this time you need to do this from the bottom of the bun. Twist it upward in one direction. You now have to gather hair which was not secured by the first pin, for this tilt the pin slightly to the left of the bun.

  • 7

    Keep twisting until u cannot do it anymore, this is done to tightly secure the bun.

  • 8

    To check if it is secure or not, shake your head on both sides, and if the bun falls out you have to repeat the whole process all over again.

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