How To Curl Hair with Foam Rollers

Curlers are unique tools to improve the overall look of the thin hair, adding up body and volume to them. Moreover, you can attain various dramatic hair styles with the help of curlers. However, you might be aware of the chances of hair damage due to the use of electric hair curlers or rollers. Foam Hair Rollers are not only simple to use but curl your hair effectively with very minimal hair damage. Even you do not need to scold your baby girl anymore if she asks you for a hair curl.  Foam Rollers are safe to use as they do not involve any electricity or heat. You just have to apply them in the desired manner and leave for some time.

Things Needed:

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Blow Drier
– Hair brush or wide teeth comb
– Foam Rollers
– Hair Spray
– Mousse


  • 1

    Prepare Your Hair

    First of all wash and condition your hair like as usual and wipe them dry with clean towel. Blow-dry them until lightly dampen and brush them smoothly to make tangle free.

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  • 2

    Apply Mousse and Hair Spray

    Apply some mousse to all your hair and lightly massage it. Now, top the mousse with a good quality hair spray. It helps in getting desired rolls.

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  • 3

    Divide hair into sections

    Now divide your hair into few equal sections. However, before that decide on the size of the curls that you like and want. Smaller sections of hair will form tighter curls while large sections will form lose curls.

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  • 4

    Apply first Foam Roller

    Grab one section of hair and gently run your hair through it in order to make it tangle free and smooth. Now hold the tips of hair against the center of foam roller and start rolling the curler under the section of hair. Rolling under the foam roller gives more volume to your hair as compared to rolling towards the top.

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  • 5

    Clamp First Roller

    Once rolled hair till the end and reach the roots, simply clamp the foam roller by winding it gently.

  • 6

    Apply the remaining foam rollers

    Repeat the same method with the remaining sections of hair to roll them thoroughly.

  • 7

    Blow Dry

    It is better to apply the foam rollers right before going to bed and sleep with them so that the rollers get enough time to curl your hair. On the other hand, if you want to remove them after few minutes, simply blow dry the curled section at medium heat range until the mousse and hair spray is dry well.

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  • 8

    Remove the Foam Curler

    Remove the foam curler with great care, slowly rolling the sections out one by one.

  • 9


    Now adjust your curls with finger tips and enjoy. You can also lightly spray your hair at the end to fix the curls in one position.

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