How to Dye Your Hair with Crayola Markers

There are so many products and countless way with which you can colour your hair. If you do not want to use hair colour then Crayola markers is another option. The best thing about colouring your hair with markers is that the colour is not permanent. Follow some simple techniques to learn how to dye your hair with Crayola markers.

Things Required:

– Hair Comb
– Hair Clippers
– Crayola Markers
– Gloves
– Shampoo


  • 1

    It is always easy to work with clean hair, so before colouring your hair it is suggested that you shampoo at least a day before.

  • 2

    Now begin by combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb in order to remove any tangles. It is very important that you carefully remove tangles from your hair which will make it smooth and easy to work with.

  • 3

    Now divide your hair into different portions and clip each part to keep them separate from each other. Also, clip these sections on the top of your hair while leaving the lower part of the scalp untouched.

  • 4

    However, before colouring you need to wear a pair of latex gloves in order to prevent the colour from getting on your hands.

  • 5

    You now have to take the lid off the marker and begin from the roots and then work your way towards the tips. This part of the colouring process deserves your attention and time, be gentle on the strands and keep repeating until the whole section is coloured. Make sure that you do not leave any section of hair uncoloured.

  • 6

    Once you have coloured the lower part of the head it is time to move to the upper clipped portion. Just grab the nearest section of hair and begin colouring it, you have to move from bottom to top which means that the lower portions will get coloured first before moving onto the upper sections.

  • 7

    As you move upward you will also be required to move from back to front and keep repeating the whole process until your whole scalp in coloured.

  • 8

    Once you have coloured your hair, you can style them any way you want and enjoy a whole ne look that is sure to turn a few heads.

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