List of Different Celebrity Hairstyles

Do you envy the hair of a particular celebrity and want hair just like him/her? Well, here is a list of all the celebrities have one of the best hairstyles in their particular industries.


  • 1

    Hayley Williams

    When it comes to keeping the perfect rock look for ladies, Hayley Williams is probably the only woman who has maintained it. Short hair and colouring them the way she wants, you should try to style your hair like her if you are a rock fan too.

  • 2

    Eva Longoria

    Eva Longoria is the perfect Mexican beauty. Her hairstyle is extremely unique but quite easy to make. Try out the Mexican style to give yourself a distinct look.

  • 3

    Frankie Sandford

    Are you a fan of chopped hair? Well, Frankie Sandford has been carrying this look for quite some time now. Opt for her hairstyle if you are looking for the best hairstyles for chopped hair.

  • 4

    Vanessa Hudgens

    Famous for her movie, “High School Musical”, Vanessa Hudgens is now a role model for a lot of people. She has the most ravishing hairstyle and you can have it in a matter of minutes.

  • 5

    Kim Kardashian

    Who doesn’t know the pop diva, Kim Kardashian? Her mesmerising looks make her one of the best looking women in the musical industry.

  • 6

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus, famous for her role in Hannah Montana has always been a top priority for little girls. If you are a pop fan and like wavy hair, there is nothing better than styling them like Miley Cyrus.

  • 7


    The most famous Spanish singer, Shakira, has a distinct look which everyone craves for. The hairstyle simply reflects the type of person you are and if you want to give yourself the Shakira look, then start off with the hair.

  • 8

    Kimberly Caldwell

    Kimberly Caldwell is another celebrity who is extremely famous for her chopped hair, of course besides the acting, singing and hosting. If you are a fan of chopped hair, then why not go for what she has done with her hair?

  • 9

    Mel Gibson

    He is the only guy in the list because he has managed to outclass all other actors when it comes down to hairstyles. He has always been a fan-favourite around the world and has been carrying a stylish look since he started acting.

  • 10

    Sailor Moon

    You must be thinking what an animated series has to do with hairstyles; well Sailor Moon is quite famous in Japan. Girls there want their hair to look like the characters in the animated series. To be honest, their hairstyle is quite distinct and looks extremely beautiful.

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