Styling a Glamorous Ponytail Made Easy

Ponytails are generally seen as casual up-dos – all you have to do is gather up all your hair and tie it up with an elastic band to keep it off your face and neck.

However, the humble ponytail is more than just a convenient up-do for gym or a casual day at home – featuring prominently on runways and red carpets, this hairstyle is highly versatile and has almost limitless potential.

If you are looking to adapt the ponytail in order to make it work for a formal event, there is a sure fire method you can use to elevate it to a more glamorous level.

Things required:

– Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
– Blow dryer
– Heat-protection serum
– Comb and brush
– Hair straightener
– Small bristle brush/toothbrush
– Smoothing crème/mousse/gel
– Pomade
– Elastic band
– Mini bobby pins
– Extra strong hold hair spray


  • 1

    Shampoo and condition

    Begin by shampooing and conditioning your hair – since the aim is to achieve a smooth, sleek look, it is best to use products that have moisturizing properties.

    Woman Washing Hair
  • 2

    Dry your hair

    Towel dry your hair, apply a small amount of heat protection serum, and proceed to blow-dry your hair straight until there are no tangles or damp spots left. Apply smoothing crème/mousse/gel to your hair when finished.

    woman drying hair
  • 3

    Apply Pomade

    Brush through your hair to get rid of any remaining tangles, and use a hair straightener to ensure your locks are silky smooth and dead straight. Then, apply some pomade to your hair; squeeze some on to your fingers and run them through your hair – this will help you structure your hairstyle.

    Woman using pomade
  • 4

    Comb or brush down properly

    Decide what you want to do with the hair at the front. Since you are going for a sophisticated look, it is best to keep it polished and avoid messy tangles or fly-aways. Take a small bristle brush (a toothbrush can also work in this case) sprayed with hairspray, and use it to comb down any frizz or fly-aways.

    Then, in order to attain a sleek look, you can either sweep all your hair back and tie it up with the ponytail, or opt for silky side bangs, a straight cut fringe, a deep side-part, or a carefully structured hair quiff – this depends on your preference.

    Woman Combing Hair
  • 5

    Decide on a style

    Once you have decided what to do with the front of your hair, it is time to begin constructing the ponytail. The ponytail can either be tied up at the back of your head, or more towards the side for a chic side ponytail (again, this depends on your preference). If you decide to tie it up at the back, you have two options – you can either go for a high ponytail, or tie it lower, towards your nape.

    Woman Looking at Hair
  • 6

    Tie your hair

    Gather all your hair together, and use the elastic band to tie it up at the desired height and spot. Then, proceed to separate a small amount of hair from the rest of the ponytail. Loop this section around the elastic band (so the band is hidden) – wrap it all around and secure it underneath with mini bobby pins.

    Woman Tying Hair
  • 7

    Finish with hairspray

    Use the hair straightener once again, just on the ponytail, to make sure it hangs smooth and straight. Finish it off with a generous spritz of extra strong hold hairspray all over, to ensure your ponytail stays sleek and glamorous.

  • 8

    Additional Tips for Ponytail Hairstyle

    -A ponytail can also be elevated in terms of style by using jeweled or studded hair clips.
    -Avoid tying up ponytails that are too tight for comfort – the strain can weaken your hair over time.
    -The sleek and straight look is best if you are looking for a glamorous ponytail; however if you want to add a different, more unique touch to it, use a curling iron to create a light twist at the ends. This will add a bit of bounce and wave.


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