Cute Short Haircuts for Women

While short haircuts can be cute, women mostly avoid them because longer hair have a more feminine touch to them. In some ancient civilisations short hair for women was a taboo, but thankfully it is not so anymore. With time, short hair styles have become more popular, with some of the biggest names in Hollywood sporting them for movies and public appearances.


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    Wispy Pixie

    Despite being short, this style is feminine and relatively easy to take care of. If you have straight hair, then all you need to do is blow-dry them in the morning after a shower, apply a little hair gel or hair spray and you are done. However, if you have curly hair then you first need to straighten them before applying gel. Hollywood celebrities, like actress Keira Knightley and singer Rihanna have sported this hairstyle.

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    Chin-length Choppy Bob

    This is a classic hairstyle which can be carried either straight or with waves. With the help of a clip the bangs can be pulled back or to the sides as well if you are not willing to leave them free.

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    Long-to-Short Bob

    This bob cut gets shorter in the back while it is longer from the front. This hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair as it looks stringy at the back. Reality show star Paris Hilton certainly knows how to carry this style.

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    Razor Cut

    This is a very easy to maintain hairdo which will probably not lose its shape even when you wake up after a good night’s sleep. You just need to blow dry your hair after a shower and then brush downward for a strict look. To add more texture you can do a two-tone colour.

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    Very Edgy

    This is a punk style hairdo and might not suit some ladies. However, it still doesn’t mean that there aren’t women out there who cannot carry this hairstyle. This isn’t a feminine hairstyle and you might be mistaken for a boy when wearing a t-shirt and jeans. You need to select clothes which make you look feminine; add a little jewellery as well. You can set your hair by applying a hair gel or hair spray just to keep the hair in place.

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