How to Get No-Frizz Curls

We all want the perfect curls, they look stylish and trendy. Many people have naturally curly hair but they are very frizzy. Frizzy hair can be really hard to handle and give a much unmaintained look to the hair. It can be very frustrating to keep them under control all the time. Here are a list of tips that will help you keeping your curls frizz free and you will be able to flaunt perfect curls naturally.


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    Hair Cut:

    The most essential step is a haircut. If hair has not been cut for a long time, split ends appear and that’s when the frizz begins. So put a stop on them by taking this preventive measure.  Get your hair trimmed after every two months. Do not keep them too short as it will be hard to handle the curls if there is humid weather. You can search online or in magazines for good stylists.

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    For curly hair to stay in good condition, it is important that they get the natural oils from the scalp so do not shampoo them every day. Shampoo them four times a week. Good curls need moisturizing. Conditioning is very important because they become frizzy in dryness. Do not go for the two in one shampoo conditioners. After shampooing, squeeze your tresses and then apply the conditioner from the root to the tip. Let the conditioner stay on for two minutes before washing. When applying the conditioner, use a comb so that it is distributed evenly and the hair absorbs more of it. A wide tooth comb works best. It is also beneficial to wash the hair with cold water; it will bring out the shine. Let the hair stay wet after washing and do not comb them. The cold water helps to seal the hair cuticle. It makes the frizz go away.

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    The drying phase is very important as it can either produce perfect curls or give frizzy results. A diffuser should be used if the curls are loose and a hooded dryer works great for kinkier curls. For kinky curls, the hooded dryer helps by not distributing the heat so it won’t disturb the curls. If a hooded dryer is not available, go for air drying.

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    Do not touch

    It may be tempting to touch your curls but you need to avoid it. The more you play with them, the frizzier they will get. Just give them a touch up by wrapping the strands around your finger.

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