How to Style your hair in a quiff fashion

The quiff hairstyle is incredibly the most versatile hairstyle for men. The style rose to fame in the 1950s, gaining popularity from icons like James Dean and Rock Hudson. Since then there have been many variations of this style. It is a bold hairstyle and only bold men wear it. It can be worn neat and conservative as well as dripping and wild. If you also want to have a quiff but don’t know how to get the perfect quiff then don’t worry you can easily create it using some electrical equipment and styling products.

Things Required:

– Hair dryer
– Hair Straightener
– Vented brush
– Wet styling product


  • 1

    Shampoo your hair properly and dry them with a soft towel.

  • 2

    Apply a small amount (about the size of a nickel in your palm) of wet styling product, like sea salt spray, gel or mousse evenly to the semidried hair. Do not go overboard as it can weigh your hair down and make it difficult to give them a desired shape.

  • 3

    Comb through the hair, making sure that you comb you hair from the top towards the front of your head. Set your dryer to the highest temperature and rake hair on the top of your head (roughly 2cm above your temples) to one side using a vented brush.

  • 4

    At the same time, follow the brush with your drier and direct the airflow onto the hair through the vents of the brush. Keep the drier at least 3 centimeter from the head to avoid over baking your hair.

  • 5

    When your hair are 50 per cent dry, switch the sides and sweep the hair in the opposite direction.

  • 6

    Your hair at this stage should be almost dry. To finish, repeat the method this time to the front, brushing the hair upwards and slightly back, away from your face and sides until completely dry.

  • 7

    When you have finished drying and styling, personalize your quaff style with a finishing product. If you want a little shine, use a styling cream, and if you want a matte finish, go for a styling clay, hard wax or putty.

  • 8

    Take a thumbnail sized amount of the product on your fingertips and gently run them through your hair. At the same time, rub a bit of the product into the palms of your hand and run the palms over the hair, mainly on the top of your head.

  • 9

    Finish off by racking your hair away from your face to create the quiff with the help of a vented brush.

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