Tips on Maintaining Curly Hair

Curly hair tends to look great, and has plenty of volume which makes it the envy of people with straight hair. However, it is also excessively difficult to maintain. In addition to dealing with frizz, and unruly locks, people with curly hair find that it is drier than other hair types, as it is harder for moisture and natural oils to travel through it all the way from the root to the tip. However, while it is high-maintenance, keeping curly hair looking great is simple if a few techniques are employed.

Things Required:

– Curl-enhancing shampoo
– Moisturising conditioner
– Deep conditioning treatments
– Leave-in conditioner
– Wide-tooth comb
– Alcohol-free styling gel


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    When you brush curly hair, do not use a bristle brush, or a fine-tooth comb – these tend to open up the curls, and make them more prone to frizz, tangles, and flyaways. Wide-tooth combs eliminate the danger of opening up the curls, and keep them intact while eliminating any knots and tangles.

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    Shampooing is essential to keep hair clean, but with curly hair, it is already difficult for the natural oils and moisture to travel all through the hair. Therefore, curly hair should not be washed more than twice or thrice a week – do not shampoo it everyday, as you will dry it out. When you do shampoo, use a product that is curl-enhancing, and specifically designed for your type of hair.

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    While many consider conditioning after shampooing an optional step, it is mandatory for people with curly hair. Since it is easy for curly hair to dry out, every shampooing session must be followed by an application of conditioner, from root to tip. Invest in conditioners that are made for curly hair, or products that contain olive oil, for extra nourishment. You can also follow up your regular washing and conditioning treatment by applying some leave-in conditioner – this will keep your hair from getting dry, tame frizz, and keep the curls smooth.

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    In order to keep curly hair looking luscious, it is essential to perform a deep conditioning treatment at least once every week. For this purpose, you can either buy a bottled product, or make your own treatment at home – use nourishing, natural ingredients for this, such as avocado, mayonnaise, and oils like olive, almond, jojoba, and coconut.

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    When it comes to styling, avoid heat appliances like the plague – these will do nothing but damage your hair. Allow it to air-dry naturally instead of blow-drying it, and look for alternate ways to style and straighten it, if you wish. It is also important to make sure you always use a styling gel that is alcohol-free – alcohol sucks out moisture, dries up hair and results in breakage and split ends.

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