How to Make Swept Away Prom Hairstyle

Are you looking for ideas to grab the attention of the people around for your unique hairstyle? Swept away prom hairstyle is not just a simple and quick fix but a very stylish hairstyle to complement both your casual and dressy styles. Young women best wear this versatile hairstyle. You can customize swept away prom hairstyle according to the texture of your hair and along with the occasion and your personality. You can make this hairstyle for everyday, prom, and elegant evenings.

Things Required:

Bobby pins or Barbie pins
Hydrating cream
Blow dryer
Light-hold hairspray


  • 1

    Apply hydrating cream

    First of all, grab a best quality hydrating cream and apply it all over your hair. Gently massage until your hair absorbs the hydrating cream and become smooth.

  • 2

    Apply curl-enhancing spray

    Now, top the hydrating cream with a curl-enhancing spray, which will add a piecey texture to your smooth hair.

  • 3

    Blow-dry your hair

    Blow-dry your hair properly in order to further enhance their overall look.

  • 4

    Create side-swept bangs

    Brush the front section of your hair in a forward direction and to the side of your head to form a very smooth and clear side swept bangs.

  • 5

    Secure your side-swept bangs

    Hold your side-swept bangs tight and secure them with some simple bobby pins or Barbie pins. Make sure to use the hairpins according to your hair color in order to make them invisible for a more natural look.

  • 6

    Mist the side-swept bangs

    Last but not the least, mist your side swept bangs with a fine quality light-hold hairspray. It will fix your side-swept prom hairstyle in one place until the end of the day.

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