How to Make Forehead Look Smaller

rA big forehead shouldn’t be embarrassing for you. But if it still bothers you, you can easily make it look smaller if you want. The only thing you have to do is cover it with the creativity of various hairstyles, keeping the structure of your forehead in mind. You can cover up your large forehead with some famous hairstyles and can create a dramatic new look as well. Make sure to do proper homework before going for any haircut, planning your hairstyle on the basis of your personal style, and defining the portion of forehead that you want to cover.


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    Hairstyles for women to make their forehead smaller

    Covering a wide forehead is a simple task for women as compared to men as the nature of their hair allow them to come up with various amazing hairstyles. Now, if your forehead is larger than you like, then you can try any of the given below hairstyles to make it look smaller.

    Sleek Straight Hairstyle

    The longer your hair the better you can have a sleek straight haircut, which covers a major part of your forehead. Grab the front portion of your sleek straight hair and cut them right above your eyebrows or leave them over your ears. Moreover, you can have a layered sleek straight hairstyle, the first few layers covering your forehead nicely.

    Side Swept Hairstyle

    Side Swept Hairstyles are the perfect options to mask your bulky forehead as it sweeps across major portion of your forehead. You do not need any haircut for this hairstyle and can wear it with both straight and wavy hair. Blow-dry your hair once you wash them and brush them to the side, over your shoulder opposite to your part. Side Swept Bun Hairstyle is another famous trend among women to hide their large forehead.

    Note: Make sure to avoid too much height above your forehead as it can further elongate your big forehead.

    Side Braid Hairstyle

    Side Braid is another ideal hairstyle for women as the eye is drawn down its length, and away from your broadforehead. Tease your front hair around the sides of your head and brush the remaining hair at your back to your opposite shoulder. Now, braid down the length of your hair and enjoy.  You can also make a Four-Strand Braid Hairstyle with the short front hair freely falling over your forehead.

    Bouncy Curls Hairstyle

    Bouncy Curls Hairstyle is another unique option for women to cover their wide forehead in a romantic fashion. Use curling iron, hot rollers, flat iron, or curlers to achieve this hairstyle. Once you curl your hair, let it cool for a few minutes and mess up the curls with your fingertips. Top your bouncy curls with some good quality hair spray to fix them in one position. Hello Sailor Hairstyle and Half up Half Down Hairstyle also fall under the category of Bouncy Curls Hairstyles and play important role in covering your large forehead.

    Bob Hairstyles

    Wide range of Bob Hairstyles are a perfect option for women with short hair to hide their outspread forehead. Short Bob Hairstyles, Layered Bob Hairstyles, Angled Bob Hairstyles etc are the best available options for you to cover your forehead with short hair.

    Hairstyles with Hair Accessories

    Another option for women to cover their wide forehead is wearing hairstyles with some elegant hair accessories. You can loosely twist your front hair parallel across the center of your forehead and pin it up at the back of either right or left ear. Brush the front portion of your hair to left or right side and fix up with bobby pins. Let your hair fall over your ears and wear headband all around your head, fixing you hair in one position. Moreover, you can wrap major portion of your forehead with turban headbands.

    Note: Do not make the mistake to pull back hair with hair band as it further enhances the wide forehead.

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    Hairstyles for Men to make their forehead smaller

    Men usually find it difficult to conceal their full-size forehead as finding a right hairstyle is tricky for them due to a thinning or a physically high hairline. It is essential to select an accurate hairstyle that will cover the large forehead, going well with the overall appearance. Therefore, consider the given below known hairstyles and mask your forehead smartly:

    Short Hairstyles

    Short hairstyles with side bang or a side part are the most regular hairstyle suggested for men with hefty foreheads. Moreover, fades with a medium front bang is another superb option. However, incase you wear the front bangs straight across, then make sure to texture it with a thinning razor in order to soften the line of your bang.

    Medium Hairstyles

    Medium hairstyles are the perfect options for men to hide their large foreheads as such styles provide them with versatility. Curly hairstyles, layered hairstyles and retro cuts are the best possible options. You can nicely style medium hair over your large forehead, avoiding a rumpled look.

    Long Hairstyles

    Long hairstyles are no doubt very tricky for men to carry as the weight of long hair generally drag the hairstyle back and away from the hairline. However, if you softly layer them around the front, then it looks great and covers your prominent forehead to a great extent. Try to avoid featured and slicked back long hairstyle and adopt delicately falling hairstyles with bangs.

    Wear Hat or caps

    If you are unable to select among the above mentioned hairstyles or want to keep your current hairstyle, then the other possible method to cover your wide forehead is to wear hats or caps. The wide range of caps and hats for men include crown hats, puggaree hats, peak hats and caps, brim hats, baseball caps, fur caps, captain caps, military caps, and ski caps. All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror, try the caps and hats one by one and select the ones that suit you and hide your forehead as well.

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