Style Your Hair With Flowing Waves & Loose Curls

A soft, undone hairstyle which is perfect for everything from red carpet events to casual outings and beach days, flowing waves look great on just about everybody, but work best on medium to long hair which has been cut into long layers.

While the look is frequently spotted on celebrities, flowing waves aren’t unattainable – with the right tools and instructions, anyone can sport the look.

Things required:

– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Volumizing spray
– Straightening balm
– Blow dryer
– 1-inch barrel curling iron
– Ponytail holders or bobby pins
– Shine serum
– Hairspray


  • 1

    Wash Hair

    Start by making sure your hair is clean and free of any grime or build-up. Shampoo your hair and follow it up with conditioner, which will ensure that your hair stays smooth and frizz-free.

    woman washing hair
  • 2

    Air Dry and Use Volumizing Spray

    Allow your hair to air-dry partially, and then proceed to evenly distribute volumizing spray throughout your hair, parting it into sections to make sure the spray is applied from root to tip. You can also comb through your hair, to make sure it is spread out evenly.

    Using Spray
  • 3

    Apply Straightening Balm

    Next, smooth a small amount of straightening balm through your hair. Increase the quantity if your hair is particularly rough, coarse, and/or naturally curly.

    woman applying hair balm
  • 4

    Blow Dry Your Hair

    Once this is done, start blow drying your hair. Begin with the roots and work your way down, to ensure maximum volume. It is essential to make sure your hair is completely dry before moving on to the next step.

    Woman blow drying hair
  • 5

    Divide Hair into Sections

    Divide your hair into multiple sections (depending on the thickness of your hair) and secure each section with bobby pins or ponytail holders. This will make your hair easier to work with.

    Hair Sections
  • 6

    Start Curling

    Work on one section at a time – spray each section with a small amount of hairspray, and then wrap it around the curling iron’s barrel (keep the iron pointing towards the floor, i.e. in a vertical position).

    Do not open the clamp – merely keep the hair wrapped with your finger. Hold it for about 10 seconds, and then gently release. Make sure you curl each section away from your face.

    Repeat the procedure with each section, until all your hair has been transformed into loose flowing waves.

    Curling Hair
  • 7

    Ease the Curls

    Finally, loosen the waves a little by raking your fingers through them gently. Finish off by spritzing on a shine serum and with a final misting of hairspray.

    Curling Hair
  • 8

    General Tips for Creating Flowing Waves

    -When creating loose, flowing waves, do not use excessive amounts of hairspray – this will give your waves an unpleasant, “crunchy” texture.
    - If you wish to create flowing waves without using heat treatment, simply braid your hair when it is damp, and unravel it when it is dry.
    - To dress up flowing waves, you can pin them up and away from your face with studded hair barrettes.

    Flowing hair tips

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