List of Hairstyles for African Women

African women have different type of hair textures, but out of hundred women 97 women will have curly hair instead of straight and silky. Hair being the essential part of body helps in giving an extraordinary look. Curls look really beautiful if you carry them in a stylish manner or else they may portray a horrible look and you will end up with a disaster. If a little effort is added in your hairstyle your plain look can easily transform into an extravagant look. Hairstyles of African women are very unique and distinctive, but you should no few techniques to handle them properly.


  • 1

    The African hair is an ideal style for casual look. Without any effort your hair portrays a funky and casual look, you just have to make sure that you your hair gets trimmed after every few weeks so that you can avoid split ends. They look cool in short as well as long length.

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    Cornrow is a very common hairstyle which not only looks good on women but men and kids as well. If the length of your hair is long then you can have cornrows on the top and a neat braid at the end.

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    Try conditioning your hair whenever you shampoo because it will help you in managing the curls of your hair. Instead of comb try using fingers to maintain the look.

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    If the length of your hair is short or you intend to have a haircut with short length then try the choppy look which contains two layers. This style does not require any sort of hair accessories, you just have to leave them the way they are. For a semi-formal occasion this hairstyle is an ideal one. For a distinctive look try using flat iron or hair crimper it will make your style sleek and outclass.

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    If you have long hair then try having a hime cut which is an ideal haircut for long hair. This haircut contains layers till the shoulder or below and swept bangs.

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    If you intend to go out on a formal gathering which is in evening or in daylight then the ideal hairstyle for African women would be a bun. There are different styles in buns, but on African women a French role will be a perfect idea. Besides French bun you can try various others up dos which will make your look elegant and classic.

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