How to Use a Chi Straightener to Curl Hair

While curling irons are used for creating waves and curls alone, a Chi straightener can be used both for straightening (as the name suggests) and for creating curls. This does not mean that the flat iron comes with a curling attachment – rather, the secret to curling your hair with a Chi straightener lies entirely in the technique.

Things Required:

– Chi flat iron
– Comb
– Hair clips
– Hairspray


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    Start by combing out your hair, to remove any knots and tangles. Once it is smooth and brushed through, use the clips to section your hair – this will make it easy for you to curl your hair, and help you do a more effective job. The easiest way to do this, is to part your hair down the middle, then part it horizontally at the back, to make four even sections.

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    Now, start working with one section to begin with. Take a strand of hair that is around an inch wide, and place it in between the Chi flat iron, pressing down firmly. The strand should be pressed in at an inch or two down from the roots of your hair.

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    Start sliding the iron down slowly, until you are about halfway down – at this point, twist the iron upwards, and turn it around all the way up in a circle, so that the strand of hair becomes wrapped around the flat iron.

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    Once you have wrapped the strand all around the iron, slowly start sliding it downwards again, towards your tips, and gently release it. You should now have a bouncy, perfectly formed curl. Apply this same method to the remainder of your hair, and try and repeat the exact same twisting technique in the same direction, so your hair forms uniform curls.

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    After all your hair has been curled, use your fingers to run through it gently, smoothing any tangles – do not use a comb or brush, as this will spoil your curls. Finally, to finish off, use a good amount of hairspray to help the curls hold, and some smoothing mousse if you are worried about frizz and fly-aways.

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