How to Style Your Scene Hair

Scene hairs are the latest style statement for teenagers. Mostly, it is a haircut for the people with straight hair but curly guys can also give it a try by using straightness. Scene hair cut is very much same like the emo cut, the only difference between an emo girl and a scene girl is the way they dressed up. The best part of the scene hair cut is its originality which gives it a personal touch. There is no limit to what you can achieve in the scene style by dyeing, cutting and teasing your hairs. All you need is a hair spray, hair wax and a teasing comb and you can play with your hairs anyway you want to make them look more trendy and stylish. Scene kids are proud of their funky looking cute hair as it requires a little hard work to style your hairs scene.


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    Your hair is your canvas; show all your creativity while working with it. The more you will be creative, the more your hair will look good. Scene haircut will at least take 20minutes to 1 hour to get styled rightly. Girls have more things-to-do with their hair than boys. Go crazy with funky hair dyes, coloured extensions, teasing and many more.  Get choppy layers, big bangs, fringes or razor the ends of your hairs.

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    For making good scene hair style daily, it is important to keep your hair healthy and clean. Use good quality shampoo and never forget conditioning your hair after washing them. Deep condition your hair once a week. This will save your hair from damage and give your hair a clean look.

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    After washing your hair, brush your hair. If you have any curls, use ceramic straightener to get every curl out of your hair from root to tip and then brush them once again leaving them flat.

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    Now it’s time to use hair wax. Put a little wax on your thumb and forefinger. Use wax to separate the layers of your hair piece by piece. Pull down on the hair with the waxed fingers starting from midway down to the hair’s length. Keep doing until you get all your hair separated.

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    Spray your hair in place. Never use an extra bold hair spray as it makes the hair look too heavy. A light hair spray is the best choice to use when you style your hair daily.

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    Accessorize your hair if you want to. It is totally a personal choice. You can use multi-colour dyes, bow bands, beats and many other accessories.

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