How to Straighten Hair Naturally at Home

Your hairstyle is an important part of your makeover may it be a party, wedding or normal families get together. While making your desired hairstyle it is important that you should consider all the aspects of your makeover. This will certainly include your dressing, face cuts and of course the type of gathering you are making the particular hair style for. Sometimes you want to do a hairstyle like your favourite celebrity but do not much idea of doing it. As long as your have hairs on your head there is no hairstyle that you cannot make for yourself. For example, if you want to make a long party hairstyle there is no need to go to the saloon as it can be made easily by all yourself at home.


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    The very first thing that you need to do for any hairstyle is to wash your hairs with a shampoo that suits your hair the best. After doing the shampoo make sure that you apply conditioner and thoroughly rinse with water.

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    In order to remove the tangles caused by washing, use a wide-toothed comb through your hairs combing smoothly for some time till there are no more tangles.

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    There is a possibility that some moisture remains in your hairs. It is advised to partially dry your hairs by using a blow drier or with your fingers by sitting in sunlight.

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    Next is to apply some mousse working into your hairs by using your hand to spread through the hairs thus evenly distributing the mousse from the ends to the tips.

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    Now for dividing the hairs into two equal sections, clip them at the top and make them fall equally on each side.

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    Work on each section one by one by holding the dryer in one hand and a styling brush in the other, right below the first section of hair and keep moving the brush downward with hairs tight.

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    To make a slight bend in the hairs, keep curving the brush under at the ends of both sections one by one until both sections of the hairs are completely dry.

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    Finally release each section one by one from the top drying in the same manner. For finishing, apply a few drops of serum to flatten any spread out hair ends.

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    Upon releasing you hairs, you will have both sections distributed equally on both sides divided from the center as you can see in the image.

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