How to Select a Hairstyle for the Spring Formal

No matter what season iit is but when you are planning to attend a formal occasion the foremost thing is to look extraordinary and able to grab the spotlight from all other guests, available at the formal occasion. Besides dresses and the shoes the other thing which matters a lot is the perfect hairstyle, which goes with your dress and compliments, your over all look. If your hairstyle makes you feel comfortable and beautiful then it means you or your hair stylist has done a terrific job. Although in spring you can try all sorts of hair styles still you have to keep in mind few factors like the weather, nature of occasion and the type of dress.


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    The first thing before you decide a hairstyle for a spring formal is to check what kind of dress you are wearing. Because if the dress has sleeves or a lace work done on it, then the best idea would be to tie your hair, but if the dress is strapless than open hair will look perfect. As it is spring so you do not have to worry about the extremeness of the weather conditions, try having loose curls or use a flat iron to straighten up your hair.

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    If the dress has sleeves and beautiful work is done on the shoulders and neck then go for a chignon bun or any other type which suits your face. Try keeping few bangs on your face to give a complete look.

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    Half up do is also a perfect idea to have with a sleeve dress.

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    Another way is to make an effortless braid or have a side swept pony tail depending upon your choice.

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    If the length of the hair is short you can let them open and to portray a complete look wear formal hair accessory.

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    Make sure that if the length of the hair is too long then do not go for buns because your neck will get tiered after a little while due to the weight of your hair.

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