Pretty Hairstyles for School

As a school goer, you cannot experiment with different dressing styles, because every educational institute has a policy restricting it. But when it comes to hairstyles, you have a lot of freedom.

A good hairstyle is really important, if you are interested in making yourself attractive. No matter how good dress you have put on, a bad hairstyle can entirely change your looks.

When choosing the right hairstyle for school, you should make a decision according to your hair type, face shape and features.


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    Loose hairstyles

    Naturally loose hair is extremely popular among the school goers these days. These styles allow you to wear anything; casual or formal. Furthermore, it is not very hard to treat the loose hair.

    By using simple items such as flat iron, heat protection spray and shine serum, you can give any style to your hair. For a curly look, curl enhancer or blow drying is essential. Similarly, the feature and wavy hairstyles are also well in fashion.

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    Cute up dos

    Selecting the right hairstyle also depends on the time available. For instance, you cannot give a style to your hair before going to bed. When choosing hairstyle for school, you definitely need to do it in the morning. And if the hairstyle is too complex, you will have to wake up well before your timings.

    Pulling your hair back up is an ideal option, especially when you are short of time. You don’t need to worry about your hair type, because this style is ideal for everybody.

    For an extra touch, you can use hair elastic and bobby pins. Rapping the ponytail around its base is an old-fashioned trick, but it is still very useful.

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    Braided hairstyles

    Young girls usually find it slightly difficult to handle long hair. You don’t need to trim them, because the braided hairstyles can be a great option. Such styles look really hot and give a unique appearance.

    It is not possible to try braided hairstyle with short hair. However, you can add temporary extensions to give yourself a nice look. The fishtail braids and fluffy loose side braids are the hottest styles form this category.

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    Partially pulled up hairstyles

    Pulling the hair partially up allows you to create the desired style within a short period of time. Styles like half up do and hair bump require a very low maintenance. A lot of different accessories can be used to secure the hair.

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