How to Hide a Wrist Tattoo from Parents

Counted among the most rebellious things you can get done, tattoos are great for enhancing your edgy look, but can also have unwanted effects, like inviting the wrath of your parents (widely known as the biggest haters of tattoos). This can be inconvenient if you happen to live with your parents, so it would be advisable to try and hide your tattoo in their presence.

While tattoos on the back or shoulders can be concealed fairly easily, a wrist tattoo can be harder to hide. However, using a few tools and tactics, you can avoid a nasty scene with your parents, and still enjoy your wrist tattoo.

Things Required:

– Long sleeved t-shirt
– Arm bands
– Chunky bracelets
– Large wristwatch
– Concealer makeup
– A tattoo cover-up kit


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    Firstly, be smart about the kind of clothes you wear around your parents. Long-sleeved t-shirts are the most advisable, but make sure the sleeve covers the whole of your wrist. In addition the shirt should be of a darker colour – parents will most likely be able to spot a tattoo through shirts that are flimsy or light-coloured.

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    Accessorise. If you lean towards the punk or goth style, you can also opt for arm bands – these will work just as well. People who are into sports can also get away with wearing sweat bands. Wear lots of chunky bracelets, or a watch with a thick, wide wristband. All of these can conceal a wrist tattoo without drawing any attention.

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    In any situations where you cannot cover up with long sleeves or accessories, or need to attend a formal event with your parents, makeup is your best friend. Use a regular concealer foundation to get the job done if the tattoo is of a pale colour, and a light intricate design. For darker shades of blue, you might want to use a neutralising concealer (this is coloured concealer) before applying skin-tinted concealer over the whole area, to give it a natural look.

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    However, if the tattoo is jet-black, and heavy in design, regular concealer will not do. In this case, it would be wise to invest in a tattoo cover-up kit. This contains a specially formulated tattoo concealer – designed to be long-lasting and cover the darkest of tattoos. The tattoo concealer needs to be smoothed evenly over your wrist, dusted with some setting powder, and finally sprayed lightly with some barrier spray, which will keep the concealer makeup from coming off.

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