How to Straighten Hair while Sleeping

Hairstyles have evolved from generation to generation; in the 80s, perms were preferred by almost everyone, but the current age is the era of straight hair, and you can see almost everyone everywhere opting for this hairstyle. Celebrities all over the world from different nations maintain dead-straight hair, adding to the popularity of the trend. If you are born with straight hair, that does not mean that you do not have to make an effort to look good; if straight hair is not groomed properly you will be unable to create the look and impact that you desire. It is not necessary to spend your waking hours in taming your locks – you can also straighten your hair while you sleep.

Things Required:

– Hair brush
– Hair comb
– Wig cap or satin scarf
– Shampoo
– Conditioner
– Straightening serum or lotion


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    If you want to avoid straightening your hair first thing in the morning before going to work, and instead prefer to wake up with the hair you want, then you need to start by shampooing your hair with a de-tangling shampoo before going to bed.

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    After shampooing, apply a softening conditioner, combing it through your hair from root to tip and making sure that you have thoroughly distributed the conditioner through the hair. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash it off.

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    You now need to gently pat your hair with the help of a towel in order to remove the wetness which is left after a thorough wash. However, be sure not to over dry the hair, and if you feel that the hair has dried too much, then spray on some water to get some moisture back into the scalp.

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    Now pour some straightening serum or lotion into your palm and apply it on your hair using gentle strokes. It is recommended that you choose a product which will add sheen to your hair.

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    Next, you need to part the hair by combing a line from one ear to the other; also brush the top hair in the front direction so that the hair covers your face.

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    While brushing or combing, you need to keep adding more straightening serum or lotion, which will help the hair hold more securely.

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    It is necessary that you go through the whole scalp and not miss any part. However, if you find any loose strands of hair, you need to pin them with bobby pins. Make sure that these strands are tangle free.

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    You now have to wear a wig cap or a satin head scarf over the head, securing all your hair inside this. Remember not to tie the scarf too tight, as this might irritate you and make it difficult for you to sleep.

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    After waking up, take off the wig cap or satin head scarf, and give your hair some finishing touches,  by combing it down straight.

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