How To Compare Beard Styles for Men

Growing a beard could be a difficult decision to take, as there are various types of beard styles and you do not know which one suits you and makes you look good. Beard styles also vary for different types of faces. If you are going to grow it for the first time, then try doing it in your vacations. As it takes a few days to get the beard set, you have to be patient to see the results of your experiment. So if you are scared of receiving poor remarks on your looks, then consider growing your beard in vacations.


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    Full Beard

    It sounds like a messy hair growth on face, but it really is not. If you are going to grow full beard then you should keep maintaining it. For getting a full beard you have to cover your upper lip, jaw line and chin. Do not get impatient and start trimming your hair before you get the final shape. Considering your hair growth it may take four to five weeks to get it in full form. Full beard can also help you in covering scars on your face. Men who have acne problems can also try this. Growing moustache along with full beard is good and it looks nice too.

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    It is a very popular style of beard, which only covers your chin and sometimes jaw line too. Variations of goatee have been seen in different eras and cultures. Likewise full beard, it also needs maintenance. The style of goatee in which there is a small hair growth under the lip in the form of a dot is known as “Jazz Dot” and is very common. If you have a small chin you can choose goatee as your facial hair, it will surely go with your face. Those men who have a bald head are advised not to grow hair on face as it will cause their face look unbalanced. Though they can go for goatee, it will not affect their overall look. Moustache does not go with mini goatees but you can try growing it with another one.

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