How to Grow Eyebrow Hair

Consistent pulling and tweezing of eyebrows hair can cause stoppage of their growth altogether, and this is a bad sign for your as eyebrows which are referred as a ‘Frame’ of face will change your face expression completely. You may look angry or rude even with full makeup on. You can stop this happening by focusing on re-growth of eyebrows hair. You may consult a skin specialist to know the cause behind the loss of hair growth or consider re-transplant, you can also use some basic remedies to help the hair grow again.


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    Stop Tweezing

    If you have been pulling your eyebrows for some time, stop doing it completely, and instead focus on re-growth of the hair. Continuous pulling of the eyebrows can make you lose the hair completely, bringing about a sheer amount of embarrassment for you and you may avoid attending social gatherings. There are different solutions to help eyebrows grow again, including seeing a skin specialist if the cause of hair loss and growth stoppage is a skin problem.

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    Castor Oil

    Castor oil is an effective solution as carrier product. It can help quickly dilute base oils used for any purpose. To make a solution for eyebrows hair growth, take two spoons of castor oil and put into a bottle. You may pore the oil into something else first if you can't pore it directly into a bottle.

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    Rosemary and Sage Essential Oil

    After pouring in castor oil into a bottle, take five drops of rosemary and sage essentials oils in the bottle. Tighten the bottle cap and shake it for a while before leaving it at a cool and dry place for about 24 hours. Rosemary is a homeopathic stimulant that works to stimulate the hair follicle. Sage is also a stimulant that increases blood flow and circulation to the hair.

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    Application of Oil

    Prepare your eyebrows for application of makeup. Remove all makeup products if you have used any just before the use of oil.  You can clean the eyebrows line with soft cotton, but do not rub the cotton on eyebrows. It can damage the hair. Also, make sure you use the oil after leaving it for 24 hours in a cool and dry place. The best time to apply the oils' solution is at night. Take a small amount of oil solution on your index finger and apply it on the eyebrow bone or line while standing in front of a mirror. Gently massage the place for about a half minute and then leave it overnight before cleansing in the morning.

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