How to Keep Mascara from Clumping

Mascara is great for giving definition and volume to your eyelashes, but is frequently in danger of producing a clumped look which is anything but attractive. This occurs when the mascara causes the lashes to stick together in thick clumps that resemble spider legs – an effect that is far from pretty.

While there are countless brands in the market that now offer clump-free mascaras, you can easily achieve perfectly defined and separated eyelashes with regular mascara, using certain tools.

Things Required:

– Tube of mascara
– Tissues
– Eyelash comb
– Disposable mascara wands


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    To begin, make sure your eyelashes are clean and completely free of any residue, be it dirt or remnants of old makeup. If you have washed your face, it is essential to ensure that your eyelashes are completely dry before you begin to apply the mascara.

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    Start by applying some eyelash primer – this will help the mascara slide through the lashes smoothly without clumping, and ensure that it is long-lasting and smudge-free. Then, unscrew your mascara tube, and dip in a new, disposable mascara wand. Use a tissue to wipe the wand free of any clumps, as a precautionary measure before you begin to apply it.

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    Then, place the wand in the roots of your eyelashes – since this area will not clump easily, it is important to deposit most of the mascara here, at the base. Now, hold it there, and gently move the wand back and forth horizontally, to ensure a complete coating of mascara at the base of the lashes.

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    Next, run the wand lightly and evenly through the middle and tips of the lashes, fanning them out. After the mascara has been applied, check for clumps. If there are minor ones, you can use the tip of the mascara wand to dislodge them – otherwise, use an eyelash comb to fix any clumping that might take place, brushing through to separate your eyelashes. This will dislodge any bunching together that might have taken place, and give your eyelashes a thick, volumised look.

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    Your eyelashes should now be defined and clump-free. Keep in mind that it is essential to use a new mascara wand each time you use the product, as this will ensure that the applicator you use does not have any build up or residue on it. Keep a couple of disposable mascara wands handy, and use these for fresh applications each time – this should ensure that your eyelashes remain beautiful and clump-free.

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