How to Do a Quick Weave

Almost everyone in this world wants to look different and unique and when it comes to that, hair styles play a vital role. Hair weaves is a famous style and many people spend huge amount of money by going to salons and getting their hair weaved. However, there are also many people who want to weave but cannot afford to get it done at a beauty salon. The good news is that this process can be performed at home. Learn the tricks of how to do a quick weave.

Things Required:

– Hair weaves
– Setting lotion
– Hair Glue
– Scissors


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    First of all, you should wash your hair properly by using a good quality conditioner. Then take a setting lotion and soak your hair in it. Put them in a ponytail by using a bun.

    You should make your hair as flat as possible and a setting lotion helps in this regard.

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    Now you should take weave and measure it from one ear to the other at the back of your head. Then cut the tracks in a desired way and glue. After that, repeat the process at the front of your head from ear to ear.

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    Make sure you follow a circular pattern by using weave and glue. You can also cut weaves into small pieces with scissors in order to place them in right areas or spots.

    Now that you have got a good start, continue using this technique to all areas of your head with track by applying glue.

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    After reaching at the top side of the circle, you should make a closure piece by using some weaves, but do not use all weave closure pieces. You should take a two inch piece of track and then apply glue.

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    Now it’s time to roll up your hair with glue and give them time to get dry. Hold the weaves from the top and separate them to avoid getting sticky with glue. Spread them properly which will give them a perfect look.

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    You should apply an appropriate quantity of the glue to the track of weaves, because using too much of it can make track sticky, which will affect the appearance of weaves.

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