How to Prevent Damaging Your Hair with a Curling Iron

Curling iron has opened up a whole lot of great ways to style your hair, which is one of the first features that get noticed in public. If you are aiming to look great, you would probably spend a great deal of time on your hair, shampooing and condition it, blow-drying it and then eventually styling it with a heating tool such as curling iron.

Using a curling iron can damage hair. However, you do not have to necessarily give up on the great tool. Instead, use some simple precautions to ensure that you can safely style your hair.


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    When you go out to buy a curling iron, make sure you buy one that has a heat adjustment on it. It will tell you the degrees of temperature that you can go to. If you have finer hair, you may want to keep your curling iron to medium setting. On the other hand, if you hair is towards the thicker side, adjusting the heat setting to high will be better. Cheaper curling irons typically have just one heat setting, thus increasing the chances of your hair getting damaged by it. If you do not have enough money to buy a curling iron with heat adjustment on it, it is better to not buy a curling iron at all than buying a curling iron with just one heat setting and eventually damaging your hair.

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    Be sure to use thermal protection products on your hair when you are about to style it using a curling iron. Thermal protection products protect your hair from heat and consequently reduce the risk of them getting damaged by curling iron and other styling tools that rely on heat. Before you blow-dry your hair, apply a thermal protection product on your hair. After you are done blow-drying, go through with the curling iron.

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    Make sure you know your hair before you go about styling it using a curling iron. Different hair types require different treatments before they can be safely styled. If you are not sure about your hair type, visit a hair-stylist and have him/her help you out.

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    Learn different techniques of styling your hair. You may be able to learn a technique that is faster, easier and safer for your hair. Again, get a hair-stylist to help you out.

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    Try to get done with the styling using a curling iron quickly, so that your hair does not get heated too much. You do not have to rush anything. Just try not to be too lazy while passing the curling iron through your hair.

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