How to Edge Up a Person’s Hair

In order to maintain a clean haircut, majority of African American men get their hair edged up. If you are planning to edge up a person’s hair, there are certain things that you will need to keep in your mind. Furthermore, keeping your focus and using a heady hand are important aspects of properly accomplishing this moderately easy task. Here is what you will need in order to successfully edge up a person’s hair to straighten out the hairline and the sideburns along with the nape of the neck.

Things Required:

– Mirror
– Shaving solution
– Comb
– Clippers


  • 1

    Apply a thin layer of a good quality shaving solution to the hair. Allow enough time for this shaving solution to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Furthermore, apply a small quantity of shaving solution on the edges of the clippers that you will use later on.

  • 2

    While holding the clippers in you dominant hand, comb the hair with the other hand. Make sure that you comb the hair in the direction of their growth, starting at the temples and moving up the skull. After you have combed the hair, see if any hair hang or stick out. If that is the case, use the clippers to trim the hair as necessary.

  • 3

    Work in a similar fashion on the other temple and trim the hair if required. While working on the temples, make sure you properly take care of the hairline behind the ears. Use a mirror to see the hairline in order to ensure it is straight. If it is not, trim some of the hair beneath the hairline.

  • 4

    Keep the hair as even as possible and shape up the sideburns on both of your temples. As before, follow the hair growth direction while shaping up the sideburns.

  • 5

    When you are done with the side, move yourself to the back of the head. Separate the hairline from excess hair with the help of a hair clip to prevent excess hair from hindering your work. Look for hair edges at the back of the neck and trim them off as required.

  • 6

    Finally, remove any hair at the back of the neck.

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