How to Use Biotin for Hair Loss

Biotin is one of the most valued natural ingredients used for hair growth purposes. In addition to this it is useful for preventing hair loss and strengthening hair. People with brittle hair or having hair loss problems are recommended to consume biotin. It strengthens both hair follicles and hair shaft of a person, resulting in less breaking of hair. Taking biotin supplements is a good option for consuming this product. You can also consume Biotin with several formats such as eating food with biotin or using it on hair.


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    Biotin can be consumed as supplements and this is the best way to add biotin in your diet. Many vitamins and pills focusing on hair will have around 30 to 100 micrograms of biotin in their composition. People suffering from diabetes with cardiovascular disease are prescribed to take these supplements as they help with blocked arteries and insulin resistance. In addition to these, few pregnant women are also prescribed with this supplement in order to avoid birth defects. Few people also consume these for growing stronger fingernails.

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    Natural sources

    Biotins are limited in nature and are found in only small quantities. However, some of the natural sources of biotin are egg yolks, sardines and red meat such as liver. Plant sources of biotin are cauliflower, bananas, carrots and mushrooms. Remember that these sources do not have a large quantity of biotin, eventually having little impact on hair growth.

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    Hair products containing biotin

    Biotin is usually added in shampoos for strengthening hair. However, biotin usually strengthens hair when consumed by body so shampoos containing biotin’s results are not proven yet.

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    Growth rate

    The major factor hindering growth rate is that those hairs get damaged. Hair which consumed biotin grows faster. This is because their shaft and follicle are strong and can bear rapid growth.

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    A person should consume 30 mcg/day of biotin. Dermatologists usually prescribe 2 mg per day of biotin for hair growth. In case of hair loss, they recommend 3 mg per day.

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