How To Create Beautiful Red Carpet Hairstyles

Want to experiment with your hairstyles? Well, it is nice to try new things once in a while even if you are not fond of experimenting with your hair. The celebrities in the world of movies are always up for experimentation and you should see how it works out on them and then apply the same to yourself. The way they style their hair on the red carpet is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


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    Reese Witherspoon

    You can pick her hairstyle and if you want your hair to be like her, you will first have to ask your hairdresser to give you a textured choppy hairstyle. You will have to keep up with the bangs, as they look sexy. In case you cannot go to a stylist, you will have to work on your hair yourself, and with a styling cream. Use your fingers to shape and style your hair and look exactly like Reese Witherspoon.

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    Melora Walters

    If you want her hairstyle you will have to first go through setting your hair. Later, you will have to go through bantering. And finally, you will have to spray your hair so that you can achieve this style. You can even enhance your looks by adding bangs to this style, as the bangs definitely look better.

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    First go for a hair-straightening cream and then use a blow dryer to make your hair. A big brush will help you straighten all your hair after using the blow dryer. Make a ponytail and pull some hair in the crown area.

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    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez has a beautiful wave style. In order to make such waves, you will require a curling iron. Use big or small curling irons in order to make large or small waves. Moreover, you can add curls to your hair and since they are hard to hold down, use a finishing spray to do it.

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    Evan Rachel

    For this you will require to make a bun behind your head. Choose whether you want a high bun or not. You will first have to make a ponytail and then enfold it in itself. However, the end choice is totally yours, whether or not you want to leave the ends for a casual style.

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    Mandy Moore

    Use a French twist in order to pull up your hair. In order to add a bit of a modern touch, comb your hair’s tresses towards your head. This is the easiest style to make out of all the others.

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