Layered Hairstyles With a Fringe

Getting layers with fringes can be done by a professional hairstylist in next to no time, but the method of cutting layers hairstyle is so easy that you can easily style them at home as well. Before you start doing a haircut make sure that you have practiced the style on fake hair so that any sort of mishaps are avoided. The layer haircut can be made easier with the help of creaclip. This tool is very helpful in making the shape and deciding the length of the hair. The procedure mentioned below for cutting layer hairstyle with fringes is done with the help of creaclip. Things you need are as follow:

Hair Brush


  • 1

    Make sure that your hairs are properly shampooed. Brush your hair in order to remove all the tangles and the locks.

  • 2

    We will be using a creaclip for the purpose of cutting, you will not require comb, because through this tool you will be able to cut the hair within few minutes.

  • 3

    Make sure the model is sitting upright so that the cutting is done properly.

  • 4

    Gather the hair after brushing them properly and clip them in the creaclip.

  • 5

    Drag the creaclip down until the desired length and make sure the creaclip is placed in the middle of the gathered hair.

  • 6

    With the help of a trimmer, trim the hair beneath the creaclip. For this purpose you can also use scissors if a trimmer is not available.

  • 7

    Follow the design of the clip and trim the hair in that order, as shown in the image.

  • 8

    The image is showing the back view of the first cut.

  • 9

    Now for the advance layering technique, from the crown make a section as shown and gather the hair with the help of a brush.

  • 10

    By using the creaclip, clip the hair and make sure the clip is in middle.

  • 11

    Again with the help of the trimmer, cut all the extended hair and make sure that the shape of the clip is being followed.

  • 12

    For the fringes or the bangs, part the hair as desired.

  • 13

    Gather the hair from the front side by clipping the rest of the hair to the side as shown in the image.

  • 14

    Assemble the hair and clip the creaclip closest to the roots. And drag down.

  • 15

    Slide the creclip in a tilted form as shown in the image.

  • 16

    For the textured cut use a scissors and cut the hair beneath the clip.

  • 17

    Now section from top of the head to the back of the ear and clip the rest of the hair, repeat this on the both sides.

  • 18

    By using a creaclip grab the released hairs in the front and slide it down in a tilted form as shown in the image.

  • 19

    Now cut the hairs with the scissors try to give a textured look. Repeat the same preocedure on the other side.

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