How to Twist Your Hair in Spider Web Bun Form

Twisting your hair into a spider web bun is a great style to get for your hair. The job is not a difficult one, at all. However, it needs a bit of detailed work. You can do it yourself without any hassle but if you want to get it done professionally, you can seek service of a professional hair designer or stylist. Also although the task is simple and the way it accentuates style to your hair and look it is worth done, there is a slight risk of breaking of your hair. This is the reason that you will need a bit of additional care while styling your hair.


  • 1

    Regular Bun

    First step to put your bun in a regular bun. To this you brush your hair first thoroughly and clear it of tangles. This will leave your hair straightened and smooth. Twist it slightly and put in the regular bun.

  • 2

    Small Strip

    Next, take out a small strip of hair from the regular bun. Do not take the entire twist, only a small strip and then leave it long. If you see a tangle into the strip, you can brush it again, but take care to avoid fall of all hair from the regular bun.

  • 3

    Pinning of Hair

    Pin the hair that you have taken out from the regular bun with a clip and leave it long. Do the same process for other piece of hair from the bun. Be careful in pinning the hair, there is a fair chance you can break it. Leave both pieces of hair pinned separately.

  • 4

    Twisting of Your Hair

    Take out a piece of your hair out of the bun and leave it on the back and then clip it in the back leave it long. Then take other piece and clip it back again. After doing it, take a string of hair and twist it to putting into bun. Be assured to twist your hair rightly and do not pull it too tightly.

  • 5

    Chinese Chop Sticks

    While you put other piece of the hair into the bun, you are near to finish the styling of your hair. However, you will need at least two Chinese chop sticks to finish the work. They will serve the purpose of decorators for your hair. They will stick the hair on top of the bun and give reflection of a web to it. Do not experiment with the chop sticks too much i.e. making them pointy, but instead stick them on top and leave them.

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