How to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

As men age, some of them start to lose hair. The hair loss continues as they get older and hair is lost on the top of the head, sometimes the sides and above the temples. It leads to full baldness for some. Some men lose all their hair in five years while for others, it takes 15 to 25 years. The hair starts to get thin and then begin to fall. A patch starts to appear on the crown and then becomes larger with time.


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    Try to understand the reason behind it. Take a look at your family trends. Are there some men in the family who are bald? Do many complain of hair loss? Do men over 50 have a full head? Heredity issues are important to observe when you are dealing with baldness. Genes play a big role in why are you getting bald. You also need to observe your habits that might be causing the hair loss. There may be a lot of stress in your life and you are finding it hard to cope with it. The lack of sleep is another cause. If such habits continue for a long time they will be a big contributor to baldness. You need to improve your habits to avoid the hair loss.

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    It is said that massages is one of the solutions. They help to improve the blood circulation in the body and also make the skin better. The same principal can be applied to your hair. Give your scalp a gentle massage so that the tension in the hair follicles decreases. It can have a positive effect in the long term. When washing your hair, use a shampoo which has vitamins in it and also apply coconut oil once in a while.

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    Vitamins play an essential role in our health. The vitamins which are in our diet are very important to keep your hair healthy. Try to take a diet which contains copper, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin B. It may seem hectic to research on foods which have these vitamins so you can eat a multi vitamin daily. This way at least you will be getting the important nutrients.

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    It is mentioned that stress is a big contributor to this problem. Relaxation can do a lot of good. Try to take deep breaths and meditate often when you are stressed. This will improve the blood flow in the body. Also try to incorporate exercise in your routine.

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