Chic Ponytail Hairstyling Guide

The Ponytail is probably one of the most popular and versatile hairstyles. It doesn’t take up hours of your time and looks effortlessly classy yet casual. However, even with ponytails, you have several options, and if you have tried the glamorous ponytail you should now try the chic pony hairstyle in this guide.

Things Required:

– Hairbrush
– Hair thickening spray
– Rat-tail comb
– Curling iron
– Elastic hair bands


  • 1

    Comb your hair to remove tangles

    Start with combing your hair thoroughly to remove tangles and straighten them so that you can style them easily.

    Comb Hair
  • 2

    Apply hair thickening spray

    Apply a good quality hair thickening spray to the roots of your hair. It is better to make small sections of hair before applying  hair thickening spray in order to make sure that all your hair are covered completely.

    Apply hair thickening spray
  • 3

    Curl your hair

    If you have naturally straight hair you will need to give them soft waves using a curler. Comb your hair once again and make equal sections. Now, roll the sections of your hair around the curling iron one by one, holding them for approximately 15 seconds each.

    If you have naturally wavy or curly hair you can skip this step.

    Curl your Hair
  • 4

    Loosen your curls for natural look

    Once you curl all the sections of your hair, wait for few seconds until they cool down and settle. Now, take a large comb them and loosen up the curls for a more natural look. You can also use your fingers for this purpose to give your hair a casual look.

    Smooth your curls
  • 5

    Tease your hair

    Now take a section of hair from the crown of your head and gently tease it from the back with a simple rat-tail comb. This will lift the hair a little and add to the natural and casual look.

    tease your hair
  • 6

    Sweep your hair back

    Now gather all your hair and sweep them to the back of your head, the exact area in between the nape of your neck and the top of your head.

    Sweep all hair to the back
  • 7

    Tie your ponytail

    Once your hair are pulled back, gather them in a pony and secure it with an elastic rubber band. If you have black hair, go with a black band, and the same goes for other colors. The color of your band does affect the appearance of your pony.

    Your wavy, bouncy, chic ponytail is now ready.

    secure with elastic hair band

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