How to Lighten Dark Hair with Henna

Henna powder is one of the safest ways of dying hair. It does not contain any chemical and gives natural colour to your hair. It can be used with some herbs, which adds to health benefits of your hair. It is dead easy to prepare a thick paste of henna powder and apply to your hair. You can even do this by yourself without help of another person or a beautician, although there are beauty outlets where you can get applied henna paste to your hair. Make sure it is natural and without a mixture of a chemical. Sometimes people can add artificial colour to get henna to give more reddish colour but it can be damaging to your hair. So, try to avoid it if your applying henna powder paste by yourself or getting it done at a beauty parlour.

The process is also not time consuming, and preparation of henna powder into a thick paste, applying it on your hair and then getting dried is a smoothly run process. Just take extra care while running water on your hair to rinse the dried paste off your hair, as it can get into your eyes. There is a chance that running henna paste leave some colouring on your skin as well.


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    Buying Henna Powder

    You can easily buy henna powder from health store. It can also be available with herbal medicine retailer or sometimes even at grocery stores. Make sure it is chemical free, natural henna powder. Ask for assistance at the counter if your not sure, or read through the ingredients if it is a packed power container.

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    Prepare Thick Paste

    You can take as much quantity of henna powder as much you think is enough for your hair. It will depend on the size of your hair. You can mix the powder with some herbs. Pour it into the hot water and stir it till you are sure that powder is mixed and has become a thick paste. Let the paste cool down to a temperature level that can be safely applied on the hair.

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    Apply Paste on Damp Hair

    After you think that temperature has cooled down, you can apply henna paste on your hair. After completing the process, comb your hair so that the henna paste is through to all places, even tips of the hair. Do not apply henna on dry hair, it can get into the entire hair.

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    Take Time Before Rinsing

    You should allow at least a couple of hours before rinsing the henna powder off your hair. You can use a cap or a cloth to cover your hair for that time or may leave it open. There is no major difference as far as impact of the henna powder is concerned.

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    Rinsing and Styling

    You can rinse the henna paste off your hair and style the hair however you like it. Take some care while rinsing the powder off your hair, so that it does not get into your eyes or leave colouring on your face etc.

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