How to Make a Hawaiian Hair Clip

Hawaii is known for its beaches and summer flowers. We all like to pluck a flower and tuck it behind our ears. It simply looks beautiful but does not stay for long. Therefore, there is a rising trend of hair clips and bows with flowers on them to satisfy our want for wearing something flowery. These are especially attractive in spring and summer when the lawn go flowery and so do the dresses. So why not make yourself a hair clip with a Hawaiian flower embellishment. The process is really simple and you will soon have a hair clip good enough to be adorned on your head and shown off. The clip and flower will keep for long so you are saved from morning a flower that dropped off your hair. Have a look at what our step by step guide has for you.

Things Required:

– Hair clip
– Fabric glue

– Fake Hawaiian flower (hibiscus is one of the most popular)
– Scissors


  • 1

    Get a simple hair clip. These could be silver or painted in any other colour that you want. Clips that clasp shut are the most popular ones for flowery embellishment. These clips are easily available in jewellry shops and even drug stores and are usually an inch long. However, you can also use any other clip as long as it has a surface for attaching the flower. Plain clips are better so that the flower stands out on its own.

  • 2

    Purchase a Hawaiian flower from a craft store. The flower type, colour and size is totally up to you. These flowers are used in not only jewellry but also in craft and decoration projects. Get a fabric flower for yourself.

  • 3

    Get a fabric glue along with the flower. Cut off any stem or base that the flower has so that it is totally flat to be glued. Apply glue on the surface of the clip. press the flower on it and apply pressure for some time. Let the glue dry for five to six hours. You can keep constant pressure by placing a book on the clip.

  • 4

    Check the flower if it is secure to the clip or not. Once assured that it is, clip it on your hair and you are ready to shine. Make more of these clips, in different colours so that you can match with your dresses and can also give off as gifts.

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