How to Use Cassia Obovata on Hair

Cassia Obovata is a very good ingredient for shiny and fresh hair. It is also known as the ‘natural henna’ and has some great conditioners for your hair. You can use this technique on your day off and in three to four hours, you will notice a clear change in the look of your hair.

The process is very simple and you just need to apply the Cassia Obovata paste, which is made by mixing warm water to the powder, to the base of your hair. Leave the mixture to dry and then wash your hair to see the change.


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    Mix the Cassia Obovata with warm water

    Add the powder to a bowl and slowly add warm water to it. Pour some water and stir the mixture thoroughly. Repeat the process until you get the desired thickness and keep mixing it for at least 20 minutes. It is important you get a paste-like result so that you can apply it easily to your hair.

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    Wash and dry your hair

    You should wash your hair before you apply Cassia Obovata as the hair need to be clean and without any impurity. Shampoo your hair and then dry with the help of a towel. Make sure your hair is completely dry when you apply the paste otherwise it would not give the desired effect.

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    Apply the paste to your hair

    Carefully apply the paste to your hair. It is good that you start from the back and move forward. Use a small comb or a brush to apply the paste to your hair and make sure you apply the mixture to the roots. Applying the mixture to the roots will give the best results as it will provide the freshness and nourishment. When you have applied the paste to your hair, leave it for a good three hours so that it dries up.

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    Rinse and wash hair

    In the end, wash your hair with running cool water and shampoo. You will notice clear improvement and shine in your hair after they dry up. It is always good to use a sulphate-free shampoo in this case.

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