How to Remove Hairspray From Wigs

With advancements there are amazing wigs available in the market that look original that no one can judge whether the hair is fake or natural. These wigs can be expensive, so if you have one you should take good care of it or else the fine hair will get ruined. When hair products are used in your hair like sprays and mousse you wash your hair after coming back home from a formal occasion, in the same way wigs also need care. Follow this guide to properly remove any hairspray from a wig.

Things Required:

– Shampoo


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    The first thing is to brush your wig properly so that there are no tangled hair and the locks are also opened. Try brushing with a wide tooth comb this will help you to brush easily. Remember to take your time and do not use too much force when brushing or combing your wig.

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    Now you will take a small tub filled with warm water and pour a moderate amount of shampoo in it. Mix it in a way that the shampoo dissolves in the water. Try to use just the right amount of shampoo because if you use too much it can leave residue in your wig and it will become difficult to thoroughly rinse it out.

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    Now take your wig and place it in the hot water tub. Let it float freely. Let it soak for a while and then swish it so that the hair products easily get removed. Make sure that the entire wig is under the hot water and is completely soaked with the shampoo.

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    Now open the tap of clean water and rinse it until the shampoo gets washed away. Take your time to ensure that all of the shampoo is effectively removed from the wig. You may want to rinse it a few times just to make sure it is properly cleaned.

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    Take a towel and spread your wig over it. Let it stay there unit the excess amount of water dries of. When the water dries, hang the wig on your wig stand, but make sure it is dry. You can also use a hairdryer but keep it on the lowest heat setting and do it from a distance as you do not want to damage your wig.

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    There are also professionals that you can give your wig to that will clean it and make it look brand new again. Also, you can go online for various tips and tricks on how to remove hairspray from wigs as there are plenty of websites that are dedicated to this subject matter. You may even find a special cleaning solution that is available just for cleaning wigs that can definitely help you keep your wig shiny and looking new.

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