Get Perfect Curls Overnight Without a Curling Iron, Heat or Rollers

When it comes to styling hair, curls are popular choices, adding volume and giving your hair some bounce. What most women dread however is using a hot curling iron, which not only needs tact and patience, but also runs the risk of hair damage due to excessive heat.

In this tutorial we will show you how to get perfect curls overnight without heat. All you’ll need to do is sleep, and when you wake up, your hair will have the curls you have been wanting – without using heat, a curling iron or rollers!


  • 1

    Start with washed hair

    You need to have washed and dried hair before you can start. Once your curls are ready, washing your hair will straighten them, and defeat the purpose. Just wash your hair a day before (or at least a few hours before) so that they are thoroughly dried up by the time you start working on them.

    Girl with Washed Hair
  • 2

    Take sections to work with

    Ideally you should part your hair from the middle before gathering it all and placing it on the front to work with. Now take one section from one side of your hair and start twisting it.

    Girl Taking Sections
  • 3

    Start Twisting

    Just hold a section of your hair and start twisting it around on itself until it all comes together. You don’t need to twist them around too tightly, just make sure there are no loose locks.

    Girl  Twisting Hair
  • 4

    Add more sections to the twist

    While you twist one section of your hair, add more sections to it and twist them all together, much like French braiding. The aim here is to twist one complete side together into one section.

    Girl Twisting Hair
  • 5

    Twist all the way to the tip

    Once you have twisted all the sections together, make sure you go all the way to the tip and then hold it tight for the next step.

    Girl Twisting Hair
  • 6

    Wrap the twisted side around itself

    Holding the tip of the twisted side you need to wrap it around itself into a bun of sorts. Don’t worry about the placement; you can set the bun behind your ear. Just make sure it’s not wrapped too tight.

    Girl Wrapping Twisted Hair
  • 7

    Tie the twisted bun

    Once the bun is set you need to tie it with a hair tie and secure it. Wrap the tie around the bun twice and make sure the tail of your twisted section is also tied up. This will prevent the twist from coming loose, especially while you sleep.

    Now repeat this on the other side of your hair get a good night's sleep.

    Girl tying hair
  • 8

    Untie the buns in the morning

    You can untie the buns when you wake up the next morning. Just inspect them to see whether they remained intact during the night.

    Morning Buns
  • 9

    Run fingers through your hair

    Once you untie and unwind the buns, start separating your hair by running fingers through them. The sections you twisted together will be tangled with each other and need to be untangled.

    Girl opening hair
  • 10

    Set your hair and enjoy the curls

    Once you have separated the sections, just set your hair with your hands and enjoy the curls. You did it - overnight curls without using any heat!

    Girl with Curls
  • 11

    General Tips for Getting Curls Overnight Without Heat

    -Make sure your hair are dry before you begin. If you twist wet hair into buns they won’t dry till the next day and your curls will be very weak.
    -The tighter you tie the buns in the end the more pronounced your curls will be.
    -Don’t wash or brush your hair after this process to keep the curls for longer.
    -Watch full the video tutorial here.

    Girl twisting hair

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