How to Use Bhringraj for Hair Growth

The Bhringraj is a part of the large asteraceae family of plants. It is extremely popular for characteristics conducive to hair growth. However, most people get confused about the Bhringraj plant, because it is known by different names like Bhringraja, Eclipta prostrata, False Daisy, Kehraj, Yerba de Tago, Maca etc. It grows in many regions of the world, usually in areas with damp soil.

Hair fall is an extremely common problem these days and many of us keep searching for different products to prevent baldness. If you can learn to use Bhringraj properly, you can surely strengthen your hair.


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    Powder or oil

    In recent years, there have been more and more hair strengthening products which have started to use Bhringraj herb. You can apply Bhringraj on your hair through multiple means. However, you need to choose between Bhringraj oil and Bhringraj powder for your hair type.

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    Boil the Bhringraj leaf juice

    One of the most common ways of applying Bhringraj on your hair is to boil the leaf juice of the plant, while mixing it with some coconut oil before you put it on your hair. Apart from adding strength to your hair through natural herbs, this process will bring about a black sheen to your hair as well.

    You can use Bhringraj powder if you do not like the leaf juice.

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    Sesame oil

    You also have the option of mixing sesame oil with Bhringraj powder before applying it on your hair and scalp. Adding sesame oil will condition your hair and will make them more beautiful and dark. Bhringraj oil or powder can magically blacken your hair and make them shine, which is the reason why they are extremely popular among aging men and women, who want to colour their grey hair.

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    Apply the oil a night before washing the hair

    It is highly recommended that you apply the Bhringraj oil or powder some time before washing your hair or taking shower. If you do not like the smell of Bhringraj and you do not feel comfortable sleeping with oil on your hair, you can apply the oil or powder at least 4 to 6 hours before washing your head.

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    Herbal supplements

    For people, who are not very keen to apply oil or powder on their hair, many companies have introduced herbal supplements with Bhringraj. They are also very effective for your hair growth; however, oil or powder remain the recommended ways.

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