How to Take Care of Black Hair at Night

People born in Africa and Asia, you are bound to have black hair. If you are an Asian or an African, you will notice that the black hairs are almost always dry and there is a need to moisturize them to avoid brittleness and frizz.

Typically, African hair is more thick and dense. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner can be the key to maintaining your black hair. Shampoos specifically designed for black hair are recommended to be used to keep them moisturised at all times. However, how do we take care of black while sleep or in the night. That is one question most of the African and Asian women have in their minds.

So what are the certain steps to take care of black hair in the night time? Is there any special care? The answer to this question is YES. There is a possibility that black hair will become frizzy if not taken care properly in the night.


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    According to a scientific research, the fabric material of your sleeping pillow can have a significant effect on black hair. The research concluded that the people with black hair should avoid using cotton pillows at all times. The reason for that is cotton absorbs water. Therefore, when the black hair rubs on the cotton, it loses valuable moisture and water. Consider using satin or silk fabric for your pillow covering. If you want to use cotton, you could try putting satin lining over it so your hair do not lose water to cotton.

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    Always consider applying hair moisturiser before going to bed. Although applying moisturiser to your black hair in the day is very useful, it is almost a must to spray them with moisturiser before going to bed in the night time as temperature drops.

    After applying the moisturiser, consider wrap your hair with a satin scar to ensure the moisture is absorbed by your hair inside out. It is also advised not to tie the scarf too tightly around your head. Experts recommend using coconut conditioning milk in the evening as the product is natural and contains water in it.

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    Consider removing all hair accessories before going to the bed. The idea of leaving hair clips on while sleeping can prove to be costly for you as far your hair is concerned. From hair clips to headbands, everything should be removed.

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    It is also recommended to untangle extensions or weave before heading to the bed in the night time. Extensions are known to last longer if taken off while sleeping.

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